STAFF REPORT PSR: The biotechnology industry is gaining growth worldwide with significant research and development. The governments of many countries have started investing in the field of Biotechnology including its areas like Health care, Agriculture, Food Processing/Industrial Processes and Biological System research.

In this regard, the Directorate of Science and Technology Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, has initiated efforts to promote research and development of Biotechnology in the province and constituted a “Biotech Advisory Committee” comprising representatives of Biotechnology Centers/Departments of all universities of the province.

The objective of this committee is to constitute a forum which will devise policies to strengthen as well as promote Biotechnology in the province and serve as a hub to disseminate information, support the collaborative efforts and to develop a network of institutions and individuals working in this field.

This committee will also perform gape analysis to compare the existing standards of Biotechnology already existing in the province with that of practices exercised at both national and international level along with upgradation of facilities, conduction of regular sessions on need basis, identification of prioritized areas, evaluation and monitoring of research proposals.

This committee will held responsible for provision of guidelines for improving Biotechnology practices, establishment of inter institutional mechanism to strengthen Biotechnology in the province.

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