STAFF REPORT IBD: The 3G auction process has witnessed deadlock once again when the financial bid from the Interconnect Communications appeared not conforming to the evaluation criteria and other specified conditions and was rejected.

According to sources, the committee headed by Doctor Khawar Siddique Khokar has submitted a report to the PTA Chairman suggesting that the recommendation should be filed to the Auction Supervision Committee for further guidance. However, the sources said that a deadlock has been witnessed between the Committee and the Chairman PTA over this issue.

The report says, as per RFP clause 1.5 the proposals were required to be evaluated in three phases: eligibility, technical and financial. After completing the  technical evaluation process, the sealed financial proposal of the technically qualified bidder Interconnect Communications was opened on October 4, 2012 1600  hours, in the presence of all committee members and  the bidding firm representative, Zulifiqar Ali.

The RFP clearly required an unconditional financial proposal, whereas this proposal provides different percentages applying to different tranches of excess of auction prices over reserve prices. Since no other financial bid was opened, the evaluation committee only had one financial proposal to consider. In light of this, the conditional financial bid almost made it impossible to compare the consultancy service charges with the market price of the services to be procured.

The bidder has further made the financial bid conditional upon provision of protection against the government of Pakistan setting the reserve prices significantly above their recommended prices and at unrealistically high levels, the source said.

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