STAFF REPORT IBD: The first-ever three-day Youth TechCamp has recently been arranged in Pakistan for training in civic journalism and social activism.

Financed by the US State Department, the camp was to promote digital literacy in Pakistan. There were 40 young Pakistanis who were trained under this three-day session by technology experts.

These 40 young Pakistanis are alumni from the Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study Programme. Under this initiative, Pakistani high school students can spend one academic year in the US for studying. The Youth TechCamp was visited by US Diplomat Richard Hoagland, who is Charge daffaires for the US Embassy in Pakistan.

On the occasion, the students shared their expectation from such a programme and what they have been able to gain from it.

Through such capacity building in youth of the country, they can be made to be better equipped in the digital world of the future. The rest of the countries are moving with a fast pace and Pakistan needs to keep up.

Even introducing internet connection in high schools and teaching students to learn to use internet for research purposes will help the country step into the digital age.

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