STAFF REPORT KHI: As the power crisis in Pakistan persists, there is left no option but to tap all available domestic resources to overcome this national challenge and renewable options have been one of them.

As part of its vision to take the country out of this crisis, the Fauji Fertilizer Company (FFC) ventured into the energy sector, by incorporating FFC Energy Limited, (FFCEL) on November 18, 2009. This venture has till date invested $134 million in this critical sector of the economy.

FFCEL has the unique distinction of developing Pakistans first 50-megawatt wind power project at Jhampir, district Thatta, Sindh, within record timelines.

“This project is designed to play a revolutionary role in developing Pakistans promising wind power sector; while also at the same time offers ample opportunities for the local engineers and technology experts to play a role in nation building,” said Brig ® Tariq Izaz, Project Director, who has been the driving force behind the success of this venture.

The project entered into technical collaborations during February 2010, with Nordex, a technology leader from Germany and Descon Engineering Ltd.

Nordex is world renowned for manufacturing wind-turbines and has created over 4000 wind turbines, with a total rated output of 5720 MW, already operating in 34 countries.

This project has marked the beginning of an era of renewable energy in Pakistan as the national economy cannot afford the ever-increasing costs of imported fossil fuels for long.

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