STAFF REPORT KHI: The technology change has emerged as the most important external factor that influences majority of the industrial organization in multiplying their production potential.

“As the world gets smarter and the population grows, demands on IT will also grow. Consumer adoption and use of digital, mobile and social media throughout the world is changing the nature of debate,” said IT Consultant and Services Sales Leader of IBM Pakistan Salman A. Qayam, while speaking at the Data Centre 2012: the second international conference in Pakistan at a local hotel here.

He said that it is time for firms to start thinking differently about infrastructure. Infrastructure needs to become more dynamic as traditional thinking will lead to traditional solutions, he added.

He said that Big Data and Analytics is the big boom now and is playing a leading role as the clients are all demanding Analytics software now.

At the same time, he said that the vulnerabilities and potential risk increases with the emergence of new technology. To address their concerns, firms need to plan and strategize well, he concluded.

Panelist Kashif ul Haque of IBM advised the participants to plan for as far as three years ahead and not for five to ten years as is the norm in Pakistan.

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