STAFF REPORT LHR: The Lahore Science Museum is housed within the University of Engineering and Technology off the famous Grand Trunk Road. Being the first and only science museum in Pakistan, it had witnessed around 100,000 visitors last year.

The spacious 11,000 square foot building has a feel of the past, though not in disrepair it still carries an air of neglect, of a place quietly kept clean and running but ignored nonetheless.

According to an official of the museum, the idea for such a museum was conceived by a former mechanical engineer Mohammad Akmal in 1965 who had suggested that the government should build a museum. Meant only for UET students at first, it was opened to public in 1976, he said.

“Today the museum remains popular with metric level students as well as those interested in science,” said Saima Riaz, an administrative officer at the museum and a biologist by profession.

The museum is slowly making its way to achieving western standards of science museums. In the last 48 years, exhibits and galleries have been through four phases of expansion, the last one in 2006, according to Saima.

She said that she has a plan to improve the technology used at the museum. “I would like to have a 3D theatre, more audio video tools, e-readers, and touch technology embedded in our displays,” she said.

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