Staff Report IBD: The Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) has won laurels at the Regional Workshop on Popularization of Science in Asia-Pacific held recently in Baku, Azerbaijan.

PSF Member Science Dr Khalil Ahmed Ibupoto represented Pakistan as a Resource Person and PSF Director Research Support Dr Ata-ul-Mohsin presented a country report at the three-day workshop.

During the workshop, Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) Regional Director Dr. Abbass Sadri and Azerbaijan Ministry of Educations representative Dr. Gul Takin highly appreciated the PSF role in the popularization of science in the region.

Workshop was organized by the ISESCO in collaboration with the Department of Science, Ministry of Education, Azerbaijan, to highlight the aspects and dimensions associated with the concept needs to be further explored so that policy making could take place in an enlightened fashion regarding the popularization of science.

On the occasion, Dr Ibupoto gave three presentations on the theme topics “The Best Practices of Science Popularization in Pakistan”, “Initiatives to Promote Science Culture through Science Caravans, Fairs and Travelling Expos” and “Inquiry-Based Science Education (IBSE)”. In these presentations Dr. Ibupoto explained that popularization of science plays a central role in the development of society.

He said the science popularisation is the main propelling force for socioeconomic, cultural and environmental development of any country.

He said that the science popularization makes it possible to spark vocations and encourage talent for scientific research, technological development, and intellectual endeavors in general.

It fosters creativity and innovation, further contributes to producing better trained human resources, expands social opportunities, and strengthens the educational system, he said.

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