STAFF REPORT LHR: Wheat growers are seeking support price at Rs 1,250 per 40-kg as overhead costs for farmers rose substantially during the last one year. With an increase of $60 per ton, the wheat price in the international market has already reached $320 per ton compared to $260 a ton, exactly one year ago.

According to them, the prices of fertilizer, diesel, water, seeds and pesticides have shot up manifold leaving them in very bad financial condition. “We need immediate government support,” they added.

According to Ibrahim Mughal, Chairman Pakistan Agri Forum, the overhead costs for farmers have increased many times during a year. Diesel price has also increased from an average Rs 93 per liter in October 2011 to Rs 113 per liter in October, 2012, which is 22 per cent increase in one year.

He said that farmers are doing their very best for ensuring food security for the country and the government should seriously address their problems.

“At that time diesel price was lower… now it has reached Rs 113 per liter, therefore we demand wheat support price of Rs 1,250 per 40-kg for upcoming sowing season,” he added.

Lower support price may also hurt wheat production in upcoming season as farmers will prefer other commodities to get more profit, Mughal asserted.

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