STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistani telecom companies have demanded Rs.1 billion of the government for the losses they had incurred due to their suspension of their services during the last two months on the plea of security.

The demand was made by these companies to the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication. Under the relevant law, the government is bound to protect these mobile companies in terms of losses if caused due to some governmental activity.

It is to be mentioned here that on the request of government the mobile telecom was suspended twice the 21 cities during the last due months – on Eid days and due to protest in the country against the US blasphemous movie.

Though this measure has received a considerable criticism from security analysts because the situation still grew worse causing damage to people and public property, the cellular companies had no choice but to comply.

These companies have urged the government pay the due for their losses and also take other measures for securing the nation when high-alert situations come along in future.

According to experts, there are many other emergency situations for the people that can occur any time and not having a mobile service available makes matters worse.

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