By Badar Minhas

ITS TIME to realise how technology is intruding our social behaviours. We were being influenced by something called really leaders in the history. Now, we have changed over passage of time. Time is limited with leaders so we have the new leader in the market – The Technology Leaders. These are the ones who have shown great indulgence in our social life and social aspects which are value laden. We used to thinking about family only. But the technology changed our thinking patterns; perhaps from wrong to right. This really helped us in overcoming the economic uplift of our society. But we may think over the problems which may not be highlighted much on the media, in the corporations or somewhere else due to some reasons not discussed here.

Technology is observed to support technology in aspects that need very precise observations of: road supporting modern tech oriented transport which is causing main damage to our climate. Air needs to be conditioned now inside the car thus provoking the need inside the house which is very cheap as compared to car with or without it. So, why not purchase a machine which may make our satisfaction level yet more high thus supporting quality aspects which only focus on luxury rather than necessity. Can we think of a leader sitting in a car or house like the ones we talked above. Or may we say that technology leads to some advancements in our lifestyles not leadership styles. So, now the leaders will lead using Facebook, iPhone, satellites, Skype, etc. It is like Techno Leaders rather than saying Tech wants NO Leaders but tech as leader. For technology, we have done such a great harm to our natural infrastructure and are now prone to dangers animated in 2012, observed in Tsunamis and are much talked about which scholars were not motivated to thought about due to more incentives regarding research which will support industry destroying our habitat.

For the sake of argument, may I say humans are the leaders only because they were being trained by humans. We are the leaders to talk about climate change and hang posters on lamp poles of the avenues with polluting transport technology.

Now, we have e-media to train our next gens. Future potent leaders are trained to lead film industry, computer industry, textile industry, transport industry, telecom industry and others which are all relying on technology now. They have technology to manage them but after getting training from media which they are exposed to most of the time, they won’t opt for humans to run the industries but will try to become techno mangers rather than socio managers. Socializing has already been observed as diminishing in our youth due to technology. Most of the time they do virtual networking through social media though the research says that such kids are little in endeavors to become autonomous. Some may be doing business online or working online so helping tech to say no to leaders of the future. We are becoming lazy, as observed in many researches in behavioural and social sciences in the journals of international repute. Youth is being spoiled by the online content by not going to friend for discussion, by not going to teacher, by not discussing the topic of research with others in the society. The learning comes through knowledge which is all online now at our finger tips. Earning has become very easy thus making us not socializing. How come then one become a real social figure: Leaders lead societies really; not virtually.

Technology deviates the focus from reality to a destination which is hard to achieve or may be impossible. It makes you think life is all but not simple. It induces complexities in our social life. It even enters where its forbidden to punish the actions of desperado due to unavailability of certainties. It because we are given new challenges of economics, management, innovation, invention, sustainability, uncertainty, climate change, population of humans who tend to be leaders in some capacity, pollution which is because of new technology, globalization, industrialization, consensus on future technology and many more. It is linked with technology which ultimately tends humans not to be leader for it needs to lead now to fulfil and validate the verse of Iqbal, the Poet, that for Satan technology is there.

Leaders lead us to success which Satan hates. We need real-man leadership which tech is making hard to polish. New machines are there to moderate the polishing process with the end product of corporate leaders to use technology as key to capitalization rather than social leaders using spirituality for social values reinforcement in the era.

By Web Team

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