STAFF REPORT LHR: Techaccess Pakistan and Warid have recently celebrated an achievement in a festive ceremony in realization of their combined efforts to move Warids production DataCenter in Lahore, in only 48 hour remarkable time.

This mission was originally slotted to be completed divided in phases spanning a month, however, given the critical impact on operations Techaccess was requested to complete the transfer in four days that eventually was accomplished in just two days.

As many as 25 engineers from Techaccess Pakistan closely coordinated under senior management and made sure that the exercise was seamless and the major transfer that included migration of production to disaster recovery site, decommissioning, packing, transporting, unpacking and re-commissioning of the entire heterogeneous server farms, storages, SAN Environments and Libraries with challenges of their own which would not cause undesirable downtime on Warid’s operations.

In is to be mentioned here that both Techaccess Pakistan and Warid already enjoy a long standing relationship built on professional trust and dependability due to Warid Pakistan end to end deployment with over seven years of support and maintenance services along with successfully commissioning and operational Management of two datacenters in Congo and Uganda.

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