STAFF REPORT IBD: Shabash Pakistan – a nationwide campaign aimed to reawaken the patriotism and nationalism – has recently kicked off under the auspicious of School of Leadership (SoL).

In this regard, a group of 250 students of National University of Science and Technology (NUST) has taken part a ceremony held here at NUST School of Civil and Environmental Engineering auditorium and pledged for saving their motherland by becoming ambassadors of peace.

“The Shabash Pakistan is a nation branding movement started by the SoL. It is a series of three one-day sessions in four universities, which will be divided over three months. The target audience is the undergraduate and graduate students,” one of the organizers of this initiative told this scribe.

The SoL did it in a different way. The methods were unlike the conventional educational and personality building methods. The young blood was taught in an interactive and participative manner, which is actually role-playing in itself.

The trainer, Umair Jaliawala, said that it was a high time the youth started taking action about the things they do not like happening, because if one is being affected negatively by a particular situation, it should be he to be the first one to take action to change it for himself instead of waiting for others to come and save the day.

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