STAFF REPORT IBD: The Intel Pakistan has always believed in forging very close relations with its partners as they are our real assets in the local market; they also have growth plans and they also see opportunities in the country.

And it is very encouraging that various international manufacturers have increased their presence in Pakistan around three-folds and they continue to grow multiplying the investment opportunities as well as expanding job market.

“We believe in bringing the latest technology to Pakistan. We have taken several initiatives in providing better products,” he said.

“The industry continues to evolve but I think there is a need for organisations to react faster, Siraj added.

We are required to show more agility to align our customers with the international trends,” said Naveed Siraj, Country Manager, Intel Pakistan Corporation, this scribe.

He said that in a lot of cities, IT has still not reached, for example the government’s USF programme. They are providing infrastructure in towns and villages. Infrastructures like ‘Brick and Morter’ and community centre’s which are manned by the local community members.

About the Pakistani IT market, he said that he believes there is still lacking in broadband coverage, in order for broadband to be more pervasive we must look at different models in Pakistan.

Countries like Malaysia, Vietnam and Philippines have moved on to a prepaid model which is only capped on volume and there is no time bar the benefit of this is that there is low cost of ownership.

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