By Badar Minhas

WATER FUEL Cell, I call it for it is what we might consider as the technology myth if realized with turn of the tide in favour of……There is loads on media about it. Especially those who claim they have achieved something but who knows for sure. Yea, mighty Allah, the God of all gods we have made in our minds, knows the best. We still feel its not true and still good caliber scientists are bullying Mr. Waqar and asking him to put him behind the bars. Sure, such top notch persons need to consider taking water cool pill so that they may get calm down and think over their behaviour or attitude.

They, the great scientists and experts from Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Water and Power, Ministry for Petroleum etc. are supposed to come up with inspection teams and give the genius security and protection, financial, legal, social so that he can allow the deep down inspection of its vehicle rather than being snatched by some one who will either be made quiet through some financial incentive from capitalists or his so called achievement may be dumped down by media’s yellow journalism.

If at all the known technical person or associate engineer is playing around for fame using cunning strategies or techniques he needs to be appreciated for fooling experts sitting in all our public sectors and private sectors especially media which is creating all such hype just for nothing more than having something tasty for the audience to waste their time for. Still the way he has been given a shut-up call by respected personalities needs to be reconsidered as it is not ethical. If they are really respected ones they must not say what they said on the media to spoil the image of a man who only wants to help humanity and still says that if some one patents his product he may disclose his secret and even claims to have started the work of production of such vehicles on his own.

Somehow, there are many pressure groups trying not to let such technologies surface as it will spoil the hegemony the countries, companies, persons etc. Mind prompts that why in such an odd way it is happening here in Pakistan. We have seen technology talented persons leaving the country for the sake of good life in future. We still see many applying for immigration and visas. It is because of the lack of security. Though there is no security for talent or knowledge as we believe in spreading the knowledge without any discrimination rather than asking for security of knowledge through IPO, still if we have all these bureaus then we must give such talented ones security to prove what they feel or demonstrate as good for humanity as a whole.

Where are PhD holders in Pakistan who can really question plainly to the guy who claims to have invented Water Fuel Cell? Where are the IPO experts to give him security though it is believed that some political figures won’t allow this Cell to be marketed due to their interests and stakes in oil and other products? Where can we find some really good media persons who can tackle this for letting the cat out of the box rather than letting the issues out of the Pandora box?

Where is some good leader who can guide us to look for solutions in Technology Foresight rather than manipulating issues to make our programs interesting and saying that this is public demand so we broadcast it in bad way?

Please stop discussing problems and discuss solutions through Technology Foresight; which already has done a great in Pakistan Technology Board, PCST and Ministry of Science and Technology.

By Web Team

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