STAFF REPORT LHR: In order to improve innovative and cost effective solutions to energy issues especially in Punjab, a Centre for Energy Research and Development will be set up at Kala Shah Kaku by the University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore.

According to details, total cost of the building the project would be Rs 292 million and is expected to take two years for completion. The research would mainly be about discovering different ways of renewable energies. Such sources as photovoltaic energy, solar thermal energy, wind energy, bio-energy, coal energy, and hydro-energy will be delved into.

Energy sources and renewable energy means are already being sought out in other countries too, as not only they are less expensive, but also environmentally safe and economically viable. The main focus so far that the UETs new centre has taken upon is on coal energys utilization for development of oil and gas to generate power. The centre will further work on finding strength of available energy systems.

At the centre, post-graduate and PhD students will also be trained to facilitate research projects, while M.Sc, M.Phil and PhD scholars will be asked to come up with creative solutions and innovative measures to help out in this regard.

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