STAFF REPORT IBD: The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has started process for the 3G spectrum auction when it unanimously decided a timeline for the subject at a recently held pre-bid conference of prospective 3G consultancy firms. The conference was attended by the full Authority, representatives from MoIT, FAB, PTA officials and prospective consultancy firms through audio conference and in-person.

Consultants mainly raised concerns on the extension of timeline for submission of proposal, drop dead fee and road show expenses.

On the occasion, the PTA came up with firm resolve that the timeline for submission of proposal would not be extended but the prospective consultants can send their technical proposals through email before already announced date and time, without the financial proposal.

The contract once awarded to a consultancy firm, if required, would only be amended through mutual agreement between the consultant and the client.

With reference to Drop Dead Fee the Authority decided that the same would be fixed as $350,000 for all the three relevant sub-clauses where it is applicable in the RFP.

Regarding the road shows, the Authority decided that all in-country expenses incurred on road shows inside the country would be borne by PTA. However, the expenses for road shows outside the country would borne by the Consultant.

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