STAFF REPORT IBD: Federal Climate Change Minister Rana Muhammad Farooq Saeed Khan has said that the national climate change policy will go a long way in helping tackle climate change impacts on human in all spheres.

“The federal cabinets approval of the policy, which provides a roadmap for climate change mitigation and adaptation in Pakistan, is a great milestone the present government has achieved,” the minister remarked while talking to media here.

Addressing media conference here at the committee room of the federal climate change ministry, he said that the present government is fully aware of the rising dangers of unfolding global warming in the country and the approval of the national climate change policy is major step towards this.

He recalled that all relevant national and international stakeholders including all provincial governments are taken onboard for consultation on the climate change policy draft so that key stakeholders inputs are incorporated to make the draft policy a viable and comprehensive roadmap for addressing unfolding dangers of global warming in the country.

He said: “Erratic and unpredictable changes in weather patterns, caused by global warming, have resulted in flood, torrential rains, cyclones, land erosion and droughts, which are increasingly becoming frequent and causing massive loss of the life and property.”

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