MONITORING REPORT IBD: Chairman Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) Dr. Ansar Parvez has said that two nuclear power plants, 340MW each are under construction at Chashma and expected to be commissioned by 2016 with Chinese assistance under a longstanding agreement while another three nuclear power plants have already been commissioned in the country and performing very well.

“We feel that a well-regulated international exchange of personnel and technology at all levels is invaluable not for raising technical standards but also for fostering goodwill and mutual confidence amongst nations,” said the PAEC chief while addressing the 56th session of General Conference of IAEA recently held in Vienna, Austria.

He said that the top most priority has always been the harnessing of nuclear energy for the generation of electrical power. For many years now, Pakistan has faced a severe electrical power shortage which has been hampering economic growth of the country.

The Commission has been given a target by the government to have 8,800 MW of nuclear power installed by the year 2030. With no exceptions, all our nuclear power plants are under IAEA safe guards, he emphasized.

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