STAFF REPORT IBD: The United States has announced a grant of $4 million for Pakistani and American researchers for collaboration on different projects in science and technology.

US Charge d Affaires Ambassador Richard Hoagland revealed this urging the Pakistani researchers and scientists to apply for this Pak-US tech cooperation.

“In fact, the US wants to improve the standards of living of Pakistani people,” he said adding, “I do agree this grant can also benefit us and we must take benefit out of this cooperation.”

Experts have termed this grant a positive development between the two states, however, they doubt that the US wants to utilize the researchers and scientists of Pakistan for its own interests. Recently a Pakistani man who has run a car with water instead of petrol, Americans want this man to be used for their own purposes.

They said that we, Pakistanis, should avoid to be trapped by the Americans and should focus on research on science and technology for the benefit of their homeland and its people only.

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