STAFF REPORT IBD: Educationists and Environmental Practitioners across Pakistan gathered here last week to collaborate for improving the EIA curriculum for local universities of Pakistan.

The government in collaboration with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) had organized the one-day workshop. Purpose of the event was to explore and identify gaps, discuss key points of a standardized core curriculum.

The workshop was conducted by Prof. Dr. Thomas B. Fischer, a world renowned expert in SEA and EIA from the University of Liverpool.

On the occasion, Javed Malik, Secretary, Planning and Development Division stressed the need for educating every single person in the country as every individual has a role to play and contribute towards the development of the country. He said that both SEA and EIA are important, as we face environmental problems in one form or the other every day.

Ghulam Mohyauddin Marri, Member infrastructure Planning and Development Commission remarked that bringing improvement in the curricula will bring environmental sustainability to the overall development planning of the country and will help in bring out more professional EIA experts.

Hamid Marwat, Chief Environment PandD Commission/National Project Director NIAP, expressed the hope of seeing this process succeed towards completion in the near future.

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