MONITORING REPORT SINGAPORE: The InfoTech Group has announced to inaugurate its first-ever Centre of Excellence dedicated solely to innovating and showcasing of solutions pertaining to the Capital Markets and eGovernment.

According to reports, GeReg®, Baltoro®, and Capizar®solutions, to be displayed on the event, are engineered using latest technologies from companies like Oracle. GeReg®, a registration solution developed by InfoTech, is meant to simplify a countys registration process. Baltoro®, on the other hand, is a shared service portal for emails, SMS, online chats and appointments, to cater well to the eGovernment process within the country. Capizar® is an end-to-end automation solution for the Capital Markets.

The InfoTech team has developed highly effective and customizable solutions to meet the requirements of future markets to achieve same success that InfoTechs GeReg has brought to Ghana.

“We are very excited about setting up this Centre of Excellence with Oracle. We believe we can create better value for our clients by partnering with experienced global companies; and Oracle is a leading solution provider in its domain.”says Suresh Agarwal, Managing Director of InfoTech Global (Singapore).

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