STAFF REPORT IBD: The Indian Working Group on Science and Technology has recently visited the Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) in Islamabad.

This Working Group (IWG) comprised Dr Akhilesh Gupta, head of Climate Change Programme and Shri R K Sharma from International Cooperation Division in Department of Science and Technology.

During their visit, they were given a presentation on the PSF activities. PSF Chairman Dr. Manzoor Soomro, on the occasion, explained the Foundations activities for promotion of science and technology in Pakistan.

The IWG is a part of the Pakistan-India Joint Commission, which had met during the visit of Indian Foreign Minister to Pakistan. The IWG members briefed the host on the programmes and activities of DST.

It is told that the ratio of Indian students enrollment in science subjects stood at around 27 per cent and most of the students opt for humanity subjects.

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