STAFF REPORT KHI: While taking a major initiative in right direction, the Farmers Associates of Pakistan (FAP) is in the process of developing the countrys first-ever farmers call centre, enabling the farming community to get access to latest agriculture and trade information.

“The farmers will be provided latest information through text messages, emails, FM radio and television channels, while mobile van system will also be introduced,” Dr Mohammad Tariq Bucha, President FAP, said adding the farmers will get information about weather, crop prices and other related things.

He revealed that initially, the project would be launched in Punjab, which would later be extended to Sindh and other provinces.

“It is the need of the hour that the farming community should start thinking about themselves due to the lack of government attention,” he said.

In his remarks, Ahmad Jawad, chief executive officer of Harvest Tradings, said that the information and communication technologies could generate new openings to bridge the gap between haves and the have-nots in the developing countries.

“There are many possibilities of integration of ICT in agriculture and rural development,” he said.

There are other traditional methods to provide the information to the end-users. Mostly, they are old and untimed methods and also communication is one way only.

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