Syed Nasir Hussain, COO of Advance Business Systems (BS), has an over eight-year rich experience of working on various executive positions in the same company. His habit of taking even small tasks as a challenge and better understanding of Pakistans market has led him to the high profile position of COO in a very short span of time. Since his joining in 2003, ABS has secured several achievements including prestigious awards

Technology Times: Tell us about your academic career and professional background?

SYED NASIR HUSSAIN: Well … I had done BSc from Karachi University and later MBA with majors in Marketing from Philippines back in 1995.

After coming back to Pakistan in late 1996, I worked with a few small time IT firms. In 2002 I had joined IOP as Senior Sales Executive. IOP was a vital player in my career and I got the chance to work with the industrys best professionals. Working there for a year I realised that there was much scope of exploring my skills and taking things into next level. I was lucky to meet a few entrepreneurs who were looking for a person who could expand their current IT business and it was a dream came true for me, as I wanted to cultivate and structure an IT firm. I joined them and we started with five people only. It was then that Advance Business Systems (ABS) was formed and I took the challenge of distribution of Acer brand, which is even today our main reason of renowned in the industry.

Brief us about the history, vision and core business of your organisation?

ABS is a joint partner venture, extending End-to-End Information Technology and Systems Integration Solutions to channels of repute throughout Pakistan. We have set the trend in distribution business. ABS, in its endeavour to become a major IT solution company, has teamed up with some of the top industry vendors for their specialized IT products and solutions for Pakistan.

ABS was established in 2003 and we worked as a main distributor and business associate of Acer Computers in Pakistan Region.  Since then, ABS has been making alliances with world renowned brands in order to become a total IT solution company. With our incredible team efforts, it turned positively and now we are having full presence in five Tier 1 cities while supplies in 20 cities of Pakistan. Presently more than 125 people are working for ABS in Pakistan. ABS is a prominent distributor in Pakistan carrying Acer, Dell, HP, CISCO, Microsoft and TOUCHMATE products in portfolio. We work hard in organizing the current business and leveraging it to affiliate the company with global IT brands.

Tell us the major awards and achievements of the company?

Our Company has very steady pace of achievements. Timeline of the company is as follows:


1.  ABS inception

2.  Became Acer Authorized distributor in South region of Pakistan


1.  Became Acer Authorized distributor for entire Pakistan

2.  Best New Comer Award in EMEA


1.  Opened branches in Lahore and Islamabad

2.  Became Acer Authorized Service Provider


1.  Best Runner up Award in Acer LCD – MENA

2.  Best Runner up Award in Acer Desktops – MENA

3.  Acer Man of the year Award MENA – Syed Nasir Hussain


1.  Best Channel Partner in Acer LCDs – MENA

2.  Pakistan Computer Association Award – For contribution in IT


1.  Became Microsoft OEM Authorize Distributor

2.  Became TOUCHMATE Distributor


1.  Became Microsoft Gold Partner


1.  Became HP PSG Authorize distributor

2.  Became Authorize distributor for entire solution of Microsoft


1.  Became Dell Distributor for Commercial Business

2.  Became a Distributor of Ciscos Networking Products

Which product has made ABS a vibrant company in the market?

There is no doubt that Notebooks and Commrcial Desktops have led us to a very reputable place in the industry. With our learning of the global processes and the learning of PC based business we are now a complete distribution house.

What benefits/solutions ABS offers to its customers?

As we are partners with all the top three PC brands of the world, we provide notebooks, LCDs, projectors, business desktops and peripheral devices. With our presence across Pakistan and with our Authorized Service Centers we are serving our clients with the best of support.

What is the quality policy of the company and how you ensure control on the policy?

We are not manufacture / I dont understand this question.

Tell us your affiliation/ business with other brands?

We are the top tier Distributor of Acer, HP and now Dell. We are also authorized distributor of Microsoft, CISCO (Linksys) and TOUCHMATE peripherals.

How you develop the competency level of your staff?

Trainings of different types: where physical and mental capabilities of the employees are boosted. Corporate Trainings are held and employees are even sent on foreign trainings. In-house boot camps are also held where the whole company gets together. Its a good event to encourage a friendly environment and build employee-management relationship.

Are you satisfied with the current scenario of IT business in Pakistan?

The Global market is evolving with a fast pace. Pakistan is however trying to stay in line with the global technological advancements but somehow countrys growth in terms of having conventional and structured IT footprint is missing. There are some big IT advancements being carried out but an ecological approach is much needed. Scarce basic amenities of life and shortfall of water and power supply, is still a major concern for a common man.

How we can excel in the field of IT?

By evolving with the time! Gone are the days when one would sleep over single technology or expertise. With the new advancements in place and rapid changing in customer requirements one has to perk up, the only way one can excel by adapting to the changes and moving with the time.

In your view, what are the core challenges of our IT industry? And what are their solutions?

Unfortunately although much development has been made in the IT sector of our country but still there are challenges that dont let our industry grow. Challenges like budget cuts, keeping ourselves to paper work and governmental laws and regulations on taxes and duties not allowing us to grow in the incremental way. Proper guidance and decisions should be taken to harness the IT industry. Import and Export laws on software or hardware should be made least to let it grow; if not withdrawn completely.

Any message you would like to deliver to new Entrepreneurs.

Come up with a change in mind. Dont stick yourselves to one product, one solution. Instead make yourselves a business hub for your region. Reward and acknowledge the efficient work of your employee, take suggestions from the on ground staff and implement accordingly. Be dynamic to survive and grow further.

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