STAFF REPORT KHI: The changing rain pattern is having disastrous effects on numerous species of indigenous birds, with many of them being unable to breed due to this years delayed monsoon rains.

“The global warming, altering temperatures and changes in climate have resulted in delayed monsoons rains, which have led to a number of species – including birds, mammals, reptiles and insects – missing their breeding season,” said Hussain Bakhsh Bhagat, Project Director at the Sindh Wildlife Department (SWD).

He said that peacocks and rain birds, which usually breed between June and July, have also been adversely affected.

Bhagat, a wildlife expert and a former provincial conservator, believes that in the light of these climate changes, new studies must be conducted to ascertain the status of wildlife species.

“Since we do not have authentic data and set parameters, we cannot predict the exact effects this climate change will have on these species,” he explained.

He believes the lack of such data is the reason Pakistan does not have a mitigation plan and resolution for conservation of natural assets.

The 2010 floods had caused major losses to partridges, mammals, insects and reptiles, whose habitats were devastated by the disaster.

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