STAFF REPORT LHR: Vice-Chancellor of University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (UVAS), Prof. Dr Talat Naseer Pasha, has said that the Mycoplasma transmission in commercial and breeding poultry flocks is causing Newcastle Disease and avian influenza infections which are causing increase in economic losses.

He disclosed this at the inaugural ceremony of a workshop “Current approaches for the diagnosis and control of Avian Mycoplasmas” which was organised by the University Diagnostic Laboratory (UDL) and the Department of Microbiology here last week.

Prof. Dr Pasha mentioned that farmers are concerned over the existence of Mycoplasma and Salmonella and in this situation the university researchers should play their due role in addressing these problems.

Delivering a lecture on the occasion, Prof. Dr. Mazhar I. Khan from the University of Connecticut, USA, said that mycoplasma is a typical bacterium which is normally transferred from parents to offsprings and decreases the immunity level in poultry.

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