STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan at last started exporting its mangoes to China – one of the worlds largest markets for its mangoes. Earlier, Pakistan had registered with this neighbouring state in 2006 for mango exports, however, it had been struggling to compete with other players because of high cost of air freight.

“Pakistans mangoes have become a centre of attraction in the largest retail chain of China – Walmart – where the king of fruit is being offered for sale,” Durrani Associates, one of the largest fruit exporters of Pakistan, said in a statement.

Two containers of 40 tons of mangoes have been shipped for China, it said adding the firms Chairman Abdul Qadir Khan Durrani also visited China and met with representatives of Walmart, which has 370 stores in 140 cities and four municipalities.

Currently Taiwanese, Filipino and Thai mango varieties are dominating the Walmart region.

According to the statement, the Chinese importers have displayed their keen interest in the Pakistan mangoes and in coming years the number mango consignments would increase gradually.

Pakistan is worlds 5th largest producer of mango, which can produce up to 2 million tons. Mango varieties particularly Sindhri, Chaunsa and Sunehri can beat others because of their taste.

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