THE MEDIA and politicians always talk about corruption, terrorism, militancy, economy, employment, inflation, loadshedding, education, law and order and overpopulation.

We have one of the highest birth rates in the world, but we do not care about it. And this is the only problem for which we cannot blame the Indians and Americans. It is not on the agenda of any of the big parties while they are waiting to take over the reins of the country.

Just imagine, if we were today just 100 million instead of 180 million people, I am sure that the problems I have mentioned above would have been of minor concern.

The next government must develop a strategy to bring the birthrate down to one per cent during its tenure. No matter how much progress and development takes place in the country, overpopulation will never let us prosper.

Pakistan has wavered off the road so much that any normal or palliative measures cannot bring us back on track. We need drastic changes.

Presumed innocent until proven guilty should become guilty until he proves his or her innocence.

The banks in Pakistan have a huge spread of profit running into 10 or more per cent that discourages people from borrowing money in the first place.

Those who do borrow are unable to return the borrowed money because of very harsh terms of the loans and become defaulters.

This step will help entrepreneurship, small-medium enterprises, create new businesses and jobs, will improve taxation, spread education, wealth and prosperity.

The new government will have to take a number of measures.

But, in my opinion, these measures taken simultaneously will put the country back on the path of progress.

Salman Munir@Karachi

By Web Team

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