I HAVE personally witnessed erosion of the Chenab River near Shorkot where cultivatable land was being eroded by the river, reducing useful land.

I think the Irrigation Department concerned is not taking any note of it which is depriving owners of precious agricultural land.

I suggest that floods every year are for warning against such devastations. This must be addressed by the Punjab government, besides the efforts by the NDMA as the same will require funds for strengthening of embankments.

There is a suggestion to plant as many trees as possible to curb soil erosion in the future. Forestation all over Pakistan is 2.5 per cent, which is below the optimum level. Deforestation must be curbed at any cost.

The prime minister launched a tree plantation campaign by planting a tree in Islamabad on Aug 26. Every year this campaign is also carried out at provincial levels. Millions of trees are planted. Did somebody take note of the plants that survived? If so, can somebody declare the figures in the media?

I earnestly appeal to all the stakeholders from the federal to the union council level, including environmentalists, to come forward and discharge this national responsibility in letter and in spirit to save precious land from further erosion.

Engr Riaz Akbar, Ex-Project Director, Nescom@Wah Cantt

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