PAKISTANS CELLULAR companies have been hit with industry specific situations lately. From tax evasion to shutdown of cellular services on Eid day and then the issue of ban on prepaid SIMs.

During all these events, media persons remained deprived of sufficient and correct information from cellular companies, for the reasons we will mention below.

Since banning of prepaid SIMs was an industry specific issue, cellular companies were understandably reluctant to express their displeasure against governments decision on individual level as it could hit their relations with the state.

I believe every media person was facing the same issue, as PR departments were quiet over Rahman Maliks statement of banning prepaid SIMs.

Exactly same thing happened when cellular services were blocked on Eid day. That day too, media was clueless about the blockade.

Fearing the relation with government departments, cellular companies are still to protest the blockade of cellular services or even in case of possible ban of prepaid SIMs.

An industry spokesperson could help cellular companies in such situations. Who could freely, fearlessly communicate the industrys viewpoint to media and had made sure that the voice of cellular companies reaches the masses.

There are countless other benefits the cellular companies can enjoy with the appointment of an industry specific spokesperson.

Aamir Attaa @Islamabad

By Web Team

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