STAFF REPORT LHR: While mentioned that PTCL is not revising its recently launched VSS scheme, SEVP HR PTCL Syed Mazhar Hussain has emphasised that the offered scheme is beneficial for the employees and has been designed in a way so that employees get the maximum benefit.

“The primary objective of this scheme is to provide a unique opportunity to the employees to secure a better future for them and their families. This offer is truly voluntary in nature and nobody is being forced to opt for it,” Mazhar said this during a discussion.

Clarifying some of the rumors in this regard, he said that the VSS scheme is not being revised or reviewed, neither are there any chances of PTCL pay scales being revised in near future and employees can choose to opt for this scheme at their own will.

Concluding his discussion, Hussain reiterated that PTCL has not been instructed by any court regarding the pay scales or the VSS and this scheme is progress.

“We are confident that our employees will make the correct decision of opting for VSS for their own and their families better future and not pay heed to a few disgruntled elements,” he maintained.

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