STAFF REPORT KHI: The National bank of Pakistan has converted its entire network of 1283 branches online in a short period of 15 months.

Currently, the NBP enjoys the widest branch network in the country and its services are available across the country even in most difficult to reach areas. People living in such remote areas will benefit the most from this development, said an official of the Bank.

With the initiative, the NBP customers holding an account at any online branch can deposit and withdraw cash from any of the 1283 online branches through inter-branch transactions (IBT); Debit / ATM Card can be issued to all customers of online branches; centralized account opening; Know Your Customer (KYC) and better control and compliance.

“Back in May 2011 we only had 250 branches online and it required a very industrious effort to bring that number to 1283. Now NBPs customers living in rural and urban areas of the country will be able to benefit from online services alike,” said NBP President Qamar Hussain.

The NBP is the largest commercial bank in Pakistan with total assets over Rs 1.15 trillion.

Recognizing the NBPs strength the Banker Magazine (UK) has recently awarded Bank of the Year in 2008, 2010 and 2011 and is listed among the top 1,000 banks of the world for 2012.

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