STAFF REPORT ISB:  Maintaining that “stoppage of water by India has a caused huge water shortage in Pakistan besides damaging its economy”, Chairman Pakistans Parliamentary Committee on Kashmir Maulana Fazlur Rahman urged India “not to stop water of different rivers flowing down from Kashmir into Pakistani territory.”

“If India strangles our economy by stopping water of rivers, we wont throw flowers in reaction,” Rehman said in a statement while showing concern over the Indian authorities attitude towards Pakistan in terms of water sharing.

He said that in disregard to the Indus Water Treaty, India has built many dams on rivers whose waters under the treaty have been allocated to Pakistan.

“Now, India has started building dams on the tributaries of these rivers, which will further stop water flow to Pakistan and will further damage our economy,” the KC chief said, adding that India produced electricity in Kashmir but took it to India and the “poor Kashmiris are not getting this facility.”

He maintained that India has not resolved Kashmir issue and is inflicting all sorts of atrocities on the hapless people of Kashmir”, he said, adding that instead of issuing statements raising hollow slogans of friendship with Pakistan, “India should undertake practical measures to that effect.”

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