STAFF REPORT IBD: Speaker at a seminar have said that the Food Security and Nutrition Assessment Study 2012 would provide vital evidences for better policy decision to address hunger and malnutrition in Pakistan.

The speakers said this at an inception meeting on “Food Security and Nutrition Assessment Study 2012” and was organized by SDPI and WFP.

The participants were briefed that the study is commissioned by Ministry of National Food Security and Research that would jointly be conducted by SDPI and WFP in collaboration with FAO and UNICEF. The study is the continuation of SDPI, WFP and SDCs Food Security Report 2009 and would update the food security situation in the country in view of expected changes due to flood disasters and rising food prices since 2009.

Dr. Abid Qaiyum Suleri, Executive Director, SDPI, briefed participants on the outline and methodology of the study. He said, “The proposed study is based on a composite food security index comprising of indicators such as food availability, access and utilization along with added features of nutrition and vulnerabilities.”

During discussion participants suggested on analysis of demographic survey for the study, interaction with disaster management bodies, and consultation with provinces.

The participants also emphasised for  exploring the causes of food insecurity, embedding the gender dimension and mapping the impact of rural urban migration to understand food insecurity in Pakistan.

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