STAFF REPORT PSR: The Department of Science and Technology and Information Technology, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, planned to assist the provincial government in making a shift to knowledge economy and in this regards it has undertaken various initiatives for utilizing ST sub-sector for public interest and to providing opportunities to the academic institutions.

“The CandT Department is engaged with multiple aspects of various technical and scientific issues and is playing vital role in serving the society,” Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Secretary for Science and Technology and Information Technology, Humayun Khan said in his comprehensive message.

He said that the Department of ST and IT has made various achievements to assist the government in different sectors including establishment of academia industry linkage, technology display centers, 24 science model labs, scientist directory and research and development of bio-engineered crops with the collaboration of academia.

He further said that the roadmap for over 10 years strategic planning, production of various R and D products, devising policies and guidelines for the implementation of bio-technology in the province, exploration and exploitation of natural resources are under consideration by the department which will be most fruitful in the development of the province, he concluded.

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