STAFF REPORT IBD: Newly appointed PTA Chairman Farooq Ahmad Awan has said that the Authority is optimistic that that 3G auction process would be completed this year to generate Rs 80 billion estimated in the budget for the current fiscal year 2012-13.

“The process of hiring a consultant has been re-initiated and Expression of Interest (EoI)/Request for Proposals (RfPs) for hiring the said consultant would be invited soon. We are also modifying paperwork to ensure transparency in the whole process,” he said while talking to media after taking his charge of the position.

He further said that EoI/RfPs would be invited through advertisement in national as well as international media. The whole process of hiring consultant for 3G auction would be completed within 45 days, he said.

The government last year had estimated Rs75 billion on account of 3G auction in the budget, however, the hiring of local consultant by the Auction Supervisory Committee (ASC) raised serious issues of transparency and the government had to delay the auction.

In its last meeting, ASC had decided to form an Inter-Ministerial Group comprising IT Ministry, Law Ministry, Ministry of Finance and PTA to evaluate the process of hiring a consultant to ensure transparency.

The committee had also directed that the process should be re-initiated with the objective of maximizing revenue, efficiency and competitiveness in the best national interest.

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