STAFF REPORT IBD: Plans to establish more irradiation centres in United States southern states would benefit Pakistani mango exporters and brighten chances of enhanced mango exports to that country.

According to procedure, the shipments first go to Chicago from where these are transported to Sadex Corporation in Siouk City in Western Iowa for electron beam irradiation and then distributed from Iowa to other states.

“Once the irradiation units increase, automatically prices for irradiation will come down in order to compete with each other, which will be a big comfort for mango buyers and give us a new hope for our mango to tap that huge market,” said CEO Harvest Tradings Ahmad Jawad.

Currently, the only approved irradiation facility available to treat Pakistani mangoes is run by Sadex Corporation in Iowa, which charges by the hour rather than volume making small imports expensive.

“We want level playing field for fruit exports to US market,” he maintained saying “If we don’t pull our socks, China and India will throw us away from every market through stronger functioning export mechanism, rigorous international marketing and strategic mango diplomacy crusaded by their envoys in all parts of the world.”

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