STAFF REPORT LHR: Huawei has recently held a bloggers gathering in the city in order to brief them about the features present in the 5 devices launched earlier by the Company.

On the occasion, the bloggers were given various models of Huaweis current device lineup to have a firsthand experience of the performance and build of the devices.

Bruce Fanhong, Director, Terminal Services Department, Huawei, shed light on the strategy adopted by the Chinese manufacturer and was eager to listen to the feedback of bloggers specializing in the smartphone niche.

Huawei is the 4th largest Android smartphone manufacturer in the world and the Chinese giant is keen to flex its muscle to secure more growth in the global marketplace.

Bruce announced that Huawei is introducing phones in various phases and will be launching feature phones and expanding its smartphone lineup in 2013.

He also revealed that the Company is in the Pakistani market for the long run and is focusing on establishing its brand and spending millions of dollars in RandD to become one of the major brands in the country.

While briefing about the signal strength of Huawei devices, Bruce said: “We have more depth and study in the telecom sector due to our end-to-end solutions, so we are confident that our devices have the best signal strength.”

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