STAFF REPORT IBD: Higher Education Commissions Interim Placement of Fresh PhDs (IPFP) Programme has placed 1041 Pakistani PhDs as Assistant Professors across the country at both public and private sector, in academic and research universities.

According to details, Water Resource Management, Biotechnology, Food Engineering, Animal Nutrition, Bio Chemistry, Nano Chemistry and Nano Catalysis, Plasma Physics, Supply Chain Management, Water Resource Engineering, Cell Biology, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Fish Molecular Biology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, High Energy Physics, Biomedical Textiles, Leadership, Culture and Social Preferences, Geophysics, Mathematics, Computer Sciences, Business Education, Social Sciences, Humanities, Environmental Sciences, Biomedical Textiles and others are the fields where these PhD holders are given jobs.

Initially the scholars are employed for a period of one year on a salary package of Rs104,000 per month and on completion of their tenure they may be rehired on permanent basis, said an official of the HEC.

As a result of the visionary approach, it has provided opportunities to pursue higher degrees both at domestic and international level.

The HEC Interim Placement of Fresh PhDs Programme provides the lucrative avenues of employment to the fresh PhD professionals and meets the faculty requirement of public and private sector universities for ensuring quality teaching and research.

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