STAFF REPORT IBD: Ufone has been conferred the Best practicing CSR Company award by the United Nations Global Compact Pakistan (UNGCP). Ufone is the only telecom recipient of this prestigious award.

In view of creative CSR initiatives taken by Ufone as a tool for business sustainability, name was suggested by UNGCPs Selection Committee for conferment of this Award. The steering committee at UNGCP handpicked Ufone for this award based on the word of mouth generated due to the companys CSR activities.

“The award is the result of the efforts, dedication and hard work of his companys team,” said Akbar Khan Chief Marketing Officer, Ufone, while giving his remarks on the success.

He further said that CSR was a growing field and responsible organizations such as Ufone are very conscious of their responsibility towards their stakeholders and the environment they operate in.

Moazzam Ali Khan, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at Ufone, emphasized on the importance of a strong CSR platform and said that initiatives were creative, innovative and focused on the masses. He said that areas such as Child health care and environmental sustainability are prime focus along with other educational activities for the under privileged students.

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