STAFF REPORT KHI: Students of National University of Science and Technology (NUST) have developed Pakistans first Sugway, a self-balancing personal transportation device with two wheels.

According to details, the personal two-wheeler vehicle named “Subak Raftar” can be used in shopping malls, airport, factories, universities, museums, golf courts and large buildings and also very useful ride for security guards too.

While talking to the media, the students, who have developed the vehicle, said that the Subuk Raftar can carry 70-kg weight.

“This is a very equilibrious ride which equilibrates according to human body automatically,” they said adding that it has cost them about Rs 35,000 raised by students of National University to develop Pakistans first Sugway.

“All parts required to create Subug Raftar are available in the country and this is the reason that it is created within limited cost of Rs 35,000,” said Abdullah Bin Azhar, Usman Rahem and Wasin Hassan.

It is to be mentioned here that this vehicle has taken first prize in the competition and exhibition organized by Society for Promotion of Science and Technology 2012, NED University of Engineering and Technology.

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