MONITORING REPORT IBD: A mysterious disease has killed more than 40 peacocks in the month of July in the Thar desert. According to a private TV channel this mysterious disease in the peacocks was discovered when 15 birds were killed in a village near Islamkot in July.

Locals said that after being infected by the disease, the eyes of the peacocks had popped out because of swelling and they died within 24 hours.

Latest reports reveal that the disease has now spread to several adjoining villages. About eight to 10 peacocks a day are reportedly dying in areas of Kehri and Islamkot union councils in Tharparkar district.

“The number of blue peacocks found only in India and Thar was dropping each day due to change in rainfall pattern, increase in human population and their anti-environment activities, illegal sale of eggs, smuggling and the practice of keeping birds as pets in bungalows and guesthouses in unfavorable conditions,” said Bharumal Amrani who works for preservation and protection of wildlife in Thar.

The bird first goes blind and then dies suddenly, he said. He said no survey of birds, especially of peacocks, had ever been carried out in Thar to count its population.

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