STAFF REPORT LHR: The Punjab Cotton Control Board has approved the area and production targets of cotton in Punjab for the year 2012-13.

At a recently held meeting, the targets for cotton was set at 6.2 million acres, production of 10.5 million bales and average yield of cotton per acre 23.17 munds, Punjab Agriculture Secretary Mushtaq Ahmad, Agriculture (Extension) DG Dr Anjum Ali, told the media after the meeting.

He said that cotton has been sown on an area of 5.926m acres which was 5.34pc less as compared to the last years area of cotton 6.261m acres. He further said that according to crop reporting services production of cotton for last year was 11.129 million bales, while PCGA reported 12.132 million bales in Punjab.

It was also told that for bringing 6.2 million acres of area under cotton crop, the seed requirement was calculated as 62,000 tons for Punjab and PSC has been directed to take all necessary measures in providing certified cotton seed of approved varieties to farmers well in time in the coming cotton season.

PCCB reviewed and recommended revised cotton ginning/licence fees to increase from existing Rs4,000 to Rs6,000 and Rs5,000 to Rs7,500 for four and five sawgin machine unites respectively.

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