MONITORING REPORT IBD: Qualifying to be a “Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist” is an impressive achievement for 8-year-old Pakistani boy named Shafay Thobani.

According to Shafay, he started working with computers when he was just 4 years old. At the age of 7, Shafay started training to pass the exams necessary to become a Microsoft expert.

Becasue Shafay’s father is Shah Thobani, the CEO of Thobson Technologies in Karachi, the boy had access to a 1,000 square foot training space featuring three desktops, switches, routers and laptops.

Despite all those hours of work, Shafay’s father and the staff who trained him didn’t lose track of that fact that the boy is only 8.

All that rigorous studying appears to have paid off though, with Shafay reportedly achieving a score of 91 percent.

“I feel like the luckiest parent because at the end of each day I only ever receive very positive feedback from Shafays teachers,” Shah Thobani was quoted as saying in a foreign newspaper. “Every year I give Shafay a new challenge to try and encourage him.”

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