STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Sciences (PAS-CAS) have joined hand to enhance scientific cooperation and exchange of scientists, young scholars and technicians between the two countries.

Addressing the press conference, President PAS Dr. Atta-ur-Rahman and President CAS Prof. Chunli Bai have signed an MoU in this regard.

In his remarks, Dr. Atta said that CAS is the most powerful scientific institution in China with over 100 world-class research institutes and science and technology universities under its umbrella.

Dr. Atta said that the MoU symposia, conferences, workshops will be organized by both academies. Proposals for bilateral scientific meetings may be made by either academy and approved by both academies, he added.

According to MoU, both academies will share their expertise by encouraging exchange of scientific personnel in all branches of science.

Dr. Atta said following such approval, a scientific coordinator will be appointed by each academy to coordinate the scientific program of the meeting.

The President CAS said that goal oriented projects relating to key branches of science and technology will be initiated between scientists of both the academies which will share funding on a case-by-case basis.

He explained that both the states will soon start work to explore methane at Gwadar to produce energy.

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