STAFF REPORT KHI: Nokia has recently held the Nokia App Summit 2012 in Karachi  in order to showcase its latest better, faster and smarter offerings along with a line-up of relevant app content developed by Pakistani developers that adds up to a mobility experience par excellence.

According to details, the event featured a unique blend of stalwarts from the local mobile and app developers, corporate sector and social development sector of the country.

At the event, organized in collaboration with P@SHA, djuice, CIO Pakistan, Apna Karachi FM-107 and Brandsynario, as many as a conference was arranged, a developers workshop was held besides an app exhibition; aiming to familiarize participants and visitors with Nokias latest offerings.

The panel discussions, arranged during the conference, helped in creating awareness about the future of mobile tech in Pakistan and channelizing local talent to explore new business opportunities.

“Pakistan is a hub of talent in the field of technology and Nokia views this repertoire of aptitude as a significant opportunity which can prove pivotal for the development of Pakistans mobile technology infrastructure in the future,” remarked Rabia Nizami, BDM, DX, Nokia NE.

She said that this event is the first step towards showcasing how exciting the future is likely to be for Nokia consumers as well as Pakistans app developer community.

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