STAFF REPORT IBD: Intel Pakistan and Wateen Telecom have joined hands to offer internet access programme to local consumers in Pakistan in order to make internet more accessible and affordable for all new subscribers. Under this offer, a consumer purchasing an Intel processors-based PC, will get a free Wateen Wimax Broadband connection, enabling consumers to delight in speedier internet connectivity with their new PCs. Consumers can save up to Rs 6000 by utilizing this special programme available for the first time in Pakistan.

“Offering connected PCs to local consumers in Pakistan is a revolutionary step, which will not only transform the habitual concept of internet connectivity via separate broadband devices, but this will also help to enhance the adoption of modern computer-based technologies and the internet,” said Naveed Siraj, Country Manager, Intel Pakistan.

He said that our partnership with Wateen is part of our ongoing efforts to develop a more accessible model for first-time buyers to delight in modern technology.

In his remarks, CEO Wateen Telecom Naeem Zamindar said, “Being a leader in the world of broadband Internet services, Wateen Telecom always believes in serving our consumers through cost-effective ways so that we all can multiply the existing internet and computer literacy in both urban and rural areas of this country.”

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