By Hasnain Shaban

JUST WHEN we thought that the desktop PC was a thing of the past, processor giant Intel has made us think otherwise. In an era when computers have gotten smaller and smartphones and tablet computers are replacing bulky notebooks, Intel has come up with technological brilliance with the AIO or the All-in-One PC. Geared towards connected homes and entertainment hubs, the All-in-One PC has successfully bought back the desktop era when one PC was the cenre of attraction in a household. Sans the bulky CPU, Intel has intelligently hidden the motherboard, the processor, memory, graphic card and a DVD burner in the back of the LCD. So basically all the AIO comprises off is an LCD screen, a keyboard and a mouse and thats about it.

While many of us would wonder why Intel chose to bring the desktop PC from the dead…the processor giant believes there are not one but many reasons for this resurrection. First and foremost, the AIO PC is space-saving and absolutely clutter-free which is an extremely important feature for most home users. And with desktop components continuing to get faster almost every few months, integrating more features practically eliminates the need for after-market upgrades. Processors now have both the CPU performance and graphic power to handle all but the most demanding 3D games. And even an entry-level AIOs come with 2GB DDR III memory and at least 500 GB of storage space. In addition, the emergence of faster and more flexible I/O options, such as USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt, makes it easier to add new peripherals without ever cracking the case.

With more and more vendors battling sluggish demand faced with stiff competition from tablets and smartphones, the all-in-one PC is a breath of fresh air. Based on Intels second and third generation processor family, the AIO has been exclusively marketed in Pakistan by Intels Platinum Partner, Viper Technologies. Talking to the writer regarding the rebirth of the desktop PC, Khushnood Aftab, CEO Viper remarked, “The All-in-One PC puts new life to desktops while changing the whole game – literally and figuratively. Sleek, smart, energy-efficient, powerful and customizable, the AIO has truly revolutionized desktop computing. From a corporate perspective, demand of AIOs is also rising sharply. Moving a step ahead and keeping in mind specific demands of the Pakistani consumer, Viper has recently introduced a built-in battery in the AIO unit which can give up to 30-minute backup power.

Being one of the few lucky ones in Pakistan to actually lay our hands on this technological marvel, we were more than impressed with what the latest from Intel has to offer. With the packaging consisting of one single box, we were pleasantly surprised in unpacking the All-in-One PC. Inside the box was a single LCD screen which was followed by a cute little keyboard and a nifty mouse.

Booting up the machine took hardly 5-7 seconds, thanks to the super fast SSD (Solid State Drives) which powers up the AIO in mere seconds than minutes. Playing games and browsing the internet are super fast too, thanks to the powerful Core i3 processor which is the second generation processor from Intel. While our test unit was based on the second generation Core i3 processor, other flavors of the AIO can be enhanced to Pentium Dual Core G630 and the blazing fast Core i5 and i7 third generation processors.

Another important feature of the AIO is the built-in webcam which is an added advantage in the machine, making it fun for the family. Skype and other similar video conferencing software work seamlessly well eradicating the need for an extra webcam or a mic.

Though not being really fond of games, we did run a couple of them like Call of Duty, Lego Batman and FIFA 2012 which performed pretty smoothly but did experience the occasional lag which we believe was mainly due to the Core i3 processor which is not manufactured for high-end graphic hungry games, the i5 or the i7 do justice for the hardcore gamer.

Though slightly higher price-wise as compared to those of desktop PCs, the AIO is good value for money. In Pakistan the AIO is available at a starting price of Rs 40,000 for a second generation Pentium Dual Core G630 processor and goes up to Rs 60,000 for the i5 based machine.

Overall the AIO is a wonderful machine which has something for everyone, be it video conferencing, watching movies, playing games or surfing the internet. A highly recommended machine, the All-in-One PC suddenly makes you believe that the desktop is not dead, it has successfully been resurrected by Intel and its here for a long time. Good job Intel.

The Intel All-in-One PC is exclusively available in Pakistan from Intels Platinum Channel Partner, Viper technologies.

By Web Team

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