STAFF REPORT KHI: Pakistan is all set to enhance its mango exports as it now has an edge in treatment and shelving of mangoes, which is considered as king of fruits.

There are four approved methods of mango treatment, out of which three are recognised across the world – hot water treatment (HWT), vapor heat treatment (VHT) and radiation. For the killing bacteria in mango, the hot water hot water treatment is considered very suitable in which mangoes are treated with hot water for one hour. During the process, the temperature is managed at 75 degree centigrade. Resultantly, the pores at mangoes surface get rupture and its shelving become difficult.

Presently, Pakistan has a capacity to treat 15 tons of mangoes per hour. Besides this, the local private sector has the ability of shelving mangoes for 35 days after treatment, while the rest of exporter countries could shelve mangoes for maximum seven days.

Pakistan has recently initiated to export mangoes to China, which itself is the second largest producer and one among the largest consumers of mangoes.

The country would become the largest producer and exporter of mangoes due to the quality of local mango, if the government supports the sector.

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