STAFF REPORT IBD: There is no dearth of material available in public domain related to cyber security, while ironically no initiative has so far been taken ensure cyber security.

“Have we got a national strategy to secure our cyberspace. Have we got a programme aimed at cyber warfare,” said an expert on internet security related issues.

He suggested that there should be a move in the parliament to discuss the subject threadbare. The evolution of information protection technology is galloping at a very fast pace. Private companies and individuals own a large percentage of the Internet and related business.

He said that the situation underscores the need for developing a partnership between the government and private sector regarding “cyber security”. Their intimate cooperation will be vitally required for overseeing and monitoring the task of continued vigilance, he added.

The official was of the strong view that a common Information Technology Platform needs to be installed at the earliest as a cyber security Initiative on the part of the government.

According to him, the subject of security of our national cyberspace should be accorded top priority, and treated exclusively with utmost seriousness, it urgently deserves.

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